Cannabis Diversion Survey (CDS) is a website that is dedicated to surveying Australians who use cannabis recreationally. The sole purpose of the survey is to determine how cannabis affects the brain and how it can trigger mental health problems such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression.

An alarming number of Australians use marijuana recreationally which puts them at risk of developing mental health issues. If you or a close relative (father, mother etc) have mental health issues such as Schizophrenia, you will be at higher risk of triggering it earlier on if you use cannabis recreationally.

CDS aims to collect information about how marijuana is used in a recreational setting. In our survey, there will be general questions such as how much and how often is cannabis used by an individual. Gender, age, weight, height etc also plays a part in how cannabis affects someone.

All the survey submissions will be stored online in a secure server for research purposes. We aim to collect at least 50000 submissions to create a diversion program for Australians at risk.