New Zealand has recently received Australia’s first export of hemp seed. Australia has recently amended its regulation to allow for the export of Australian Hemp seed products.

The change to the legislation came just in time as the pandemic hits the economy. David Littleproud, Minister of Agriculture states changes needed to be made to allow for agricultural industries to stay resilient.

He added to give exporters more edge, the Federal Government will give exporters access to markets that are emerging in order to give them ample chance to be successful.

Littleproud states “The new legislation removes unnecessary barriers and will support better access to international markets for the emerging hemp and medicinal cannabis industries,”.

“To help us achieve this, we need to ensure that we have appropriate regulatory settings to enable exports to grow and in turn to help drive productivity and increase returns at the farm gate.

“For Australian farmers, reliable access to overseas markets means increased profitability and certainty for further investment in their properties and people.”

Raw hemp, seeds, and hemp foods like hemp powder and dehulled hemp seeds (not regular Aussie cannabis seeds) are products that are exportable under the new legislation.

Selling and using low THC hemp seed products was not permitted in Australia up until November, 2017. The new export regulation compliments this well.

Australia has long missed out on a booming industry thats worth more than $500 million. These changes have given agricultural businesses the chance to finally enter a massive world wide market that has the potential to generate a significant amount of revenue.

The new legislation will hopefully see a financial boost to the economy over time – which is important in the environment we’re in due to Covid-19.

Allowing for the export of hemp seed foods is a great step in the radicalisation of hemp and cannabis products.

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