There are tons of people out there searching on the internet in Australia for cannabis growing advice but they don’t which websites offer accurate advice.

The best way to remedy this problem is to search for local sources of growing information. Take the time to drop into an Australian cannabis website to get more realistic results.

One website you can start with is Marijuana Growing Australia (MGA). This is a new website that came out late 2021 amidst the Covid 19 pandemic. Nonetheless, MGA has dived in deep AND researched like crazy to provide you sound marijuana growing advice down under.

What Information Should I Look for If I’m Growing Marijuana in Australia?

The first step is to make sure that the information you are reading is correct. Cross-reference the websites you find and see if you can find similarities in terms of content. If you find the websites are writing about the same thing, it’s safe to say that the information may be true. However, you can’t believe everything on the internet so all you can do is fact check and march on.

The second step is to see if your answers are in question on the websites you are obtaining information from. You can search a website for keywords such as “Cannabis Grow Guide Australia” by pressing Control F on Windows or Command F on Mac to see if any matches appear. If there are matches to what you’re searching for, it will be highlighted and you can read on.

The third step is to find information that relates to your queries on the website you are currently browsing. Get right into it and look for what you’re after.

The fourth step is to look for diamonds in the rough. Each website has different content unless there are duplicates online, but through analysing enough websites, you should find a piece of gold. Look for something that strikes you and research, fact check and cross-reference.

Is Marijuana Growing Legal in Australia?

The cultivation of cannabis is allowed in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). You are allowed to grow 2 plants per person or 4 plants per household.

It is also decriminalised in other states of Australia however the laws change all the time therefore make sure you are up to date with regulations in your local state.

Marijuana Growing Australia aims to provide growers information in states such as the ACT where it is allowed to grow weed on a minor scale.

None of the information from us or Marijuana Growing Australia should be taken as legal advice. Always do your best to check Australian laws to avoid any trouble.

Does MGA Sell Cannabis Products?

You bet! They stock everything from seeds, grow kits, fertilisers, grow mediums and more. If you want to check out their wares, hop on their website to browse around. They are aiming to be a one-stop shop for cannabis growers in states such as the ACT in Australia.

MGA is always stocking new products so make sure to drop in regularly to stay in the loop. You will be surprised what quality cannabis products can do for your grow.

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