Since the start of the year, a lot of people have been asking is “Cannabis Legal in Canberra?”. If your unsure, continue reading.

As studies prove the health benefits of cannabis, the demand for its legalisation is increasing rapidly. In most parts of the world, cannabis for medicinal use has been legalised, and people can only purchase it if they suffer from a chronic health condition. However, the world is moving to a new normal. Research shows that cannabis strains containing lower levels of THC are, in fact, extremely beneficial for regulating several physiological functions in the body. With strong protests from the youth, the Australian Capital Territory went against the Federal drug usage laws and legalised recreational marijuana use.

Is Cannabis Legal in Canberra?

With the Parliament’s support, Canberra has become the world’s first capital city to legalize recreational marijuana. Although the new cannabis law is conflicting with the federal rules, and it is expected to be challenged in the high court.

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The new cannabis law

The new cannabis law allows the adult (above 18) residents of Canberra to use a controlled quantity of recreational marijuana. The users can possess up to 50g of recreational marijuana at a time. If you don’t want to buy the marijuana strains, the law also allows you to grow two healthy cannabis plants in their homes. However, a single house can only have four cannabis plants at a time. Moreover, users need to avoid growing hydroponic cannabis plants as it is still not legalized in the city. Here are some quick do’s and don’ts of Canberra Cannabis Legalities.

  • It is legal to have fresh and dried cannabis.
  • Sharing any amount of cannabis with your friends and family is illegal.
  • Smoking weed in public is not legal.
  • The law does not allow you to use marijuana indoors.
  • Making weed edibles that contain less than 50g of dried weed is legal.
  • Buying hemp seeds is legal.
  • Marijuana dispensaries, weed Cafes, or smoke lounges are illegal. Cannabis can only be consumed on private properties.
  • Cannabis should not be grown in areas where it easily accessible to the public. You can grow it in the backyards and protected private properties.

Australians are undoubtedly very excited about the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canberra.

Qualifying conditions

Interestingly, there are no qualifying conditions required by the citizens of Canberra. The new law allows recreational use, and the users should not be suffering from substance abuse, psychosis, and bipolar disorder. In the other state where the federal law is still being implemented, users need to have a health issue such as muscle spasms, severe epilepsy, AIDS, etc. to possess and use marijuana.




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