If your a cannabis grower from the USA, you might be delighted to know it is now possible to buy weed seeds in the USA in some states.

You will have to do a quick check on your states local laws on weed seeds but a lot of states have now legalised it.

To find out, jump on Google and do a search for legalities of cannabis seeds in the US. Look at a few websites and check out their sources to get a better run down on the laws.

Some local cannabis seed banks in the USA may not deliver cannabis seeds to some states due to some policies in place. That’s why you gotta check the laws.

There are however marijuana seed banks online in the US that deliver to all states if you don’t mind risking confiscation from customs.

Americans don’t usually mind the risk however, as the seeds are cheaper online than most local seedbanks in the USA meaning the risk is counter balanced by low costs so they say it’s worth it.

There doesn’t seem to be a problem with most potential customers of these weed seeds banks in the US as it’s just seeds which contain minimal amounts of THC.

Weed seeds are legal anyway in some places of the USA so the availability is there if your in the lucky states.

Some argue it’s better to get them online as you can better analyse the weed strain your buying due to being able to read the seeds description at your leisure.

This means you will know what kind of effect you will get from consuming the end product. Whether smoked, vaped or ingested you can be better informed about what you are about to buy.

Why buy cannabis seeds online in the USA?

Well the pros are it is cheaper and more discreet. The quality of the kush strains aren’t bad either – in fact they could be better as you can select Cannabis Cup Winner strains from the range.

Medical Marijuana Seeds USA

If you want the best medical marijuana strains for any of your conditions or problems, the USA has a big catalogue of seeds for you to choose from.

You can choose strains which are good for arthritis, anxiety, depression, PTSD or other health conditions, you just have to read the cannabis strains description to find out if it suits you.

Well that just about somes up the article. Some states allow the sale of weed seeds locally but if not you can buy it online if you don’t mind the small risk.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the 420 revolution in the USA.

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